» FACT: Currently the new middle school is part of a development project that may not be approved for years -- if at all -- which means more endless waiting. Recently in Pacifica, a middle school was redesigned and COMPLETELY rebuilt in ONE year.

» FACT: Measure D takes our new school out of the proposed Wavecrest housing development and instead proposes keeping it at the Cunha site, where children have SAFE passage and access to local businesses, health services and the library.

» FACT: In a 2002 presentation to the school board, school Superintendent Bayless explained why building on the Cunha school site was the best course of action.

» FACT: Measure D SPECIFICALLY allows for expansion or renovation of any kind at Hatch School.

» FACT: At more than 17 acres, the Cunha campus is actually larger, pupil per acre, than any other middle school on the Peninsula, except Redwood City. At about 19 net acres, the proposed Wavecrest site is only marginally larger.

» FACT: Wavecrest Village, including the new middle school, is NOT a done deal. In fact, the City Council recently found Ocean Colony Partners and their development deal in default. The voters are under no obligation. This initiative is LEGAL and BINDING.

» FACT: The California Coastal Commission issued a letter in August 2003 notifying Wavecrest developers that their wetlands studies are still “deficient” and must be redone.

» FACT: According to CUSD’s own figures, delays have eroded Measure K’s purchasing power by more than $10 million dollars. Meanwhile, each CUSD household already has been taxed some $3,000 and still there’s no plan for timely construction of a new middle school.

» FACT: Measure D -- the Build It Now Initiative -- is supported by leaders in the athletic community, business community, educational community, parents and citizens who want a new middle school -- NOW! No more promises. No more delays.

For our kids.
For our community.
Build It Now.

Vote YES on Measure D.
Every Vote Will Count.

If We Do Nothing We’ll Get More of the Same: NOTHING.

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The Build It Now Initiative... Why is this right
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So what's the story with Measure D? Why do we have to amend the LCP? Why is this a Land-Use Initiative?

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