We co-signers of the "Build Our School Now Initiative" are three Half Moon Bay mothers who, between us, have eight children ages six and under.

» Lisa Hinshelwood

Lisa Hinshelwood, mother of two, is a PhD from CAL in early childhood development and founder of Optimum Parenting, a consultancy specializing in child-rearing and related developmental issues.

» Leslie McCarthy

Leslie McCarthy, mother of three, is a former national correspondent for The Associated Press and author of "Getting a Life: America's Challenge to Grow Up." She also serves as commissioner of the Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation Commission and recently produced a video documentary in support of the city's effort to secure a $13 million state grant for a new downtown library.

» Sonja Myhre

Sonja Myhre, mother of three, holds a PhD in Public Health and has worked extensively in that field at Stanford University. She has also been active in support of Hatch Elementary School and its staff.

The "Build It Now" initiative has also had wide support from a variety of coastside citizens with a wide range of issues and concerns.

We'd like to thank everyone for their countless hours of support and consideration.