This site collects a variety of useful and interesting information about the Cabrillo Unified School District.

Facilities Master Plan

The district's Facilities Master Plan was adopted in February 1996. Even though the plan itself requires an annual public hearing and review, our school board has not once held such a hearing.

Read lots more about the Facilities Master Plan here.

Building a Middle School

A $35 million bond (Measure K) was approved by the CUSD voters in 1996. Part of the proceeds was to have been used to build a new middle school. While enrollment has fallen since then, our middle school at Cunha is still in need of rebuilding.

Jonathan Lundell's commentary.

Read Jonathan Lundell's views on middle school siting here.

Build Our School Now

The Build Our School Now initiative encourages the building of a new middle school in the downtown core of Half Moon Bay.

Jim Grady's presentation (2003)

In this presentation, Half Moon Bay City Council member Jim Grady makes the case for building a new middle school at Cunha (January 13 2003).

Jerry Laster's bond opinion (2002)

There has been some dispute over whether the language of Measure K (the 1996 bond measure) allows us to keep our middle school at Cunha. Here is an opinion from noted bond counsel Jerry Laster.

John Bayless's presentation (2002)

On May 7, 2002, Superintendent John Bayless made this presentation on middle school site selection. Cunha is the clear choice.

Site selection committee report (1996)

Read the report of the CUSD Site Selection Committee (October 24 1996). Notice that, using the state site selection criteria, Cunha ranked #1 of five candidate sites, while Wavecrest ran a poor 4th.