The proposal to build a middle school as part of the Wavecrest development is only one piece of the Wavecrest picture. For an overview of Wavecrest, click here.
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Wavecrest Purchase Agreement
Purchase Agreement laying out the terms of CUSD's purchase of the Wavecrest property.

Wavecrest Land Swap Agreement
Conveyance Agreement laying out the terms of the Wavecrest Partners' acquisition of CUSD's El Granada property in exchange for the Wavecrest school site.

Grand Jury report on Wavecrest land swap (1999)
The San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury looked into the Wavecrest/CUSD land swap and didn't like everything they saw. Here's their final report.

Appeal to California Coastal Commission (1999)
Initial appeal of Wavcrest project to CCC by Leonard Beuth and others (filed 1999-07-16).